Log of Updates or Changes to this website by Date

(Most recent changes are listed first, i.e., reverse date order.)

11 June 2017 Update to RapidWeaver 7.4.1. Updated PDF file for Mavis Lorene Gouty by adding 1877 map of Mound Township, Warren County, Indiana, and State of Indiana birth certificate for Mavis Lorene Gouty.

30 May 2017 Added new text file and PDF file for Samuel Kerr / Carr Senior. Added full documentation files as Appendix for Joseph Kerr and Samuel Kerr Junior, sons of Samuel Kerr Senior and his wife Nancy Guinn. Included death certificate of Andrew Jackson Kerr in Samuel Senior images.

29 May 2017 Added new text file and PDF file for Nancy Kerr. Included death certificate for Andrew J. Kerr, brother of Nancy. Added full documentation to the Nancy Kerr file for her brothers, Samuel Kerr Junior and Joseph Kerr.

28 May 2017 Added new text file and PDF file for Elias B.Gouty. Included death certificate for Elias B. Gouty, added image for same.

27 May 2017 Added new text file and PDF file for Ethel Leona Worth. Changed her date of birth to 1 January 1892 based on census records, social security record, and birth certificate of Truxton James Older which gave her age as 19. Added census records for 1940 and marriage record from Champaign County, Illinois, 1911. Changed Ethel Belle Gouty text and PDF file for Mavis Lorene Gouty original birth certificate and birth certificate for Robert W. Gouty. Included images in Ethel Belle Fox images page and Mavis Lorene Gouty images page.

26 May 2017 Added John C. Worth, Seth Worth, and James W. Worth to page of Famous Relatives of Curtis Older. Changed a few lines on the Home page.

24 May 2017 New files created for Jacob Ricketts adding Indiana State death certificate, clarifying Nancy Scott as first wife, info on Battle of Franklin, TN. Updated Daniel Alexander Fox MS Word and PDF files for Indiana State Board of Health Certificate of Death.

23 May 2017 New file created for Truxton James Older on 22 May 2017; added 15 new pictures to old PDF file. New file created for Roy Burton Older on 23 May 2017. Marriage record images added; image of Roy, Wilhelmina, and Nelle; image of Roy and Truxton about 1915. Added marriage record information to text file portion of PDF.

16 May 2017 Modified text of John Dougherty. Modified text of Mary Dougherty. Modified text for Julia Ann Drysdale for Original Source info. Modified text for Elizabeth Farnsworth Original Source info. Modified PDF and text files for Elizabeth Frye Original Source info.

15 May 2017 Slight modifications to Judith Coffin text file. Modified Mary Coffin PDF and text files. Modified Documented Ahnentafel file. Corrected some Original Source numbering on Stephen Coffin. Modified text of Phunback Pritchett.

13 May 2017 Modified PDF and text files for Jacob Ricketts, Melissa Jane Barnard, Elizabeth Jane Ricketts, and Martha Bunker. Modified Documented Ahnentafel file.

12 May 2017 Installed Update for RapidWeaver Version 7.4 (18678). Improved text file and PDF file for Documentation of Bartholomew Booker. Updated Documented Ahnentafel file. Improved text file and PDF file for Documentation of Catharine Booker.

11 May 2017 Redid Jane Eliza Baird pdf file, redid James Baird pdf file.

10 May 2017 Added Documented Ahnentafel at 20 May 2016 and removed old listing. Added text on
News from Fox's Gap page. Added page for American Revolution Ancestors of Curtis Lynn Older.

08 May 2017 New version of RapidWeaver. Hope to solve Publishing issues.

25 Apr 2017 Added small amount of source information on Robert Willson. Added picture of Richard Shute.

15 Apr 2017 Upgraded to RapidWeaver Version 7.4 (18665b).

12 Apr 2017 Continuation of properly formatting all pages on website.

10 Apr 2017 Worked with formatting and links for Kerr/Carr files.

09 Apr 2017 Uploaded revised PDF and Word files for Lt. John Kerr/Carr, Samuel Kerr/Carr Senior, Nancy Kerr/Carr, Samuel Kerr/Carr Junior - son of Samuel Sr., Joseph Kerr/Carr - son of Samuel Sr.

26 Oct 2016 Added text and PDF for Joseph Worth Sr. Redid text for Joseph Worth Jr.

01 Jun 2016 Added text and PDF for Joseph Kerr, son of Samuel Kerr/Carr, Sr.

24 May 2016 Upgraded to version 7.0 of Rapidweaver.

05 May 2016 Updated text file and PDF file for Samuel Kerr, son of Lt John Kerr of Kerrtown/Chambersburg, PA.

18 Apr 2016 Updated text file and PDF file for Samuel Kerr. Need to add images to PDF file and website for SK.

11 Apr 2016 Updated text file for Lt John Kerr, updated PDF file for Lt John Kerr, updated images for Lt John Kerr.

07 Apr 2016 Noted Errors in Lt. John Kerr text. In process of redoing Lt. John Kerr documentation.

30 Mar 2016 Added reworked text and Adobe Acrobat File for Samuel Kerr/Carr. Updated Nancy Kerr/Carr files.

28 Mar 2016 Added pages for Samuel Older born 1740 and Samuel Older born 1769.

27 Mar 2016 Added page for Alexander Griffith including downloadable PDF file.

23 Mar 2016 Replaced John Gouty will images with single page images. Redid John Gouty will download PDF file.

20 Mar 2016 Added certified copy of 1818 John Gouty (Gowty) (Gootee) will.

15 Mar 2016 Added six images, two for each page of the John Gouty (1818) will, Caroline County, Maryland.

02 Jan 2016 Finished modifying pages for Home and Sitemap option.

10 Dec 2015 Changed Theme to "Reason". Moved all pages and images to SubPages. Created new "Home" page. Placed Sidebar to bottom of pages. Increased images as they appear on each page.

07 Dec 2015 Made all Pages and Images subpages under HOME. Changed names of all folders to lower case and one long word. Checked all Adobe PDF file links for working status.

05 Dec 2015 Updated file for Nancy Kerr / Carr for SAR proof of relationship submitted with John Kerr Supplemental. Replaced text file and PDF file.

20 Nov 2015 Updated Lt. John Kerr PDF file for SAR Certificate received at annual meeting last evening. Included .jpg image of certificate with images as well. Included several images from trip in late October 2015 to Chambersburg and Hagerstown areas: probable John Kerr home on Conococheague Creek west of Thaddeus Stevens school, overlay of CHM132 land of John Kerr of central or downtown Chambersburg, Kerrtown Square sign, original John Kerr tract in 1766

15 Oct 2015 Expand Harrison Trail file from 24 pages to 54 pages.

13 Oct 2015 Add PDF on General William Henry Harrison Trail to and from the Battle of Tippecanoe, 24 pages.

08 Oct 2015 Add approved Sons of the American Revolution application form and certificate for Robert Ricketts Senior to his downloadable PDF file, a downloadable PDF file for his individual approved SAR Supplemental form, and a .jpg of his SAR Certificate submitted by Curtis L. Older.

12 Sept 2015 Updated text files for John Gootee/Gouty, Jacob Gootee/Gouty, and Joseph Gootee/Gouty Senior. Did NOT update PDF files for those individuals.

12 Sept 2015 Updated to new version of RapidWeaver 6.3.4.

20 Aug 2015 Updated text file, image files, and PDF file for Lt John Kerr with new information.

18 Aug 2015 Added single page marriage record for Jesse Lewellyn and Lucy Jane Harmison Worth.
Set link to Documented Ahnentafel for Curtis Lynn Older instead of undocumented listing.

13 Aug 2015 Replaced Documented Ahnenfatel of Curtis Lynn Older with updated version.

08 Aug 2015 Reduced size of Lt John Kerr pdf file. Replaced Lt John Kerr text to properly format.

05 Aug 2015 Uploaded a greatly improved text and pdf file for Lt John Kerr.

02 Aug 2015 Relabeled and rearranged images for Kerr / Carr files. Created new title for each of the image pages for entire website. Some images were missing on pages. Will need to review when more time to see if I have all the images loaded on website that I want to have available to viewers.

01 Aug 2015 Added Text and PDF files for John Dougherty and his daughter Mary Dougherty.

31 July 2015 Updated PDF and text for Lt John Kerr Sr.

29 July 2015 Add images to files for Nancy Kerr, Samuel Kerr, and John Kerr.

27 July 2015 Replaced PDF file for Nancy Kerr (pronounced Carr) Improved file information to match text file.
Added marriage record images for Nancy Carr and Orson Carr.

25 July 2015 Replaced text for Nancy Kerr (Carr) to better document her relationship to her father, Samuel Kerr.

06 July 2015 Replaced text for John Kerr Senior to better document facts related to him and his family. Added Lt.
John Kerr Senior to list of Famous Relatives.

29 May 2015 Updated content for number 1536. John Gootee Senior. Added page entitled, "Fox's Gap in Maryland".

26 May 2015 Renumber Famous Relatives from 1 to 30. Added Captain John Gorham to Famous Relatives listing.

13 May 2015 Updated to RapidWeaver 6.1.2.

11 May 2015 Attempting to make Home page print appear smaller.

01 May 2015 Added Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President of the United States. Updated some information regarding Richard Shute and his service under General William Henry Harrison and his purchase of land in Vermillion County, Indiana, in 1831.

30 April 2015 Added Nathaniel Gorham, 3rd cousin, 5 generations removed from Curtis L. Older, 8th President of the United States in Congress Assembled, June 1786 to November 13, 1786, a signer of the United States Constitution from Massachusetts.

30 April 2015 Added Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States.

30 April 2015 Added George Herbert Walker Bush (41) and George Walker Bush (43), U.S. Presidents.

17 Apr 2015 Upgraded to RapidWeaver 6.1.1. Updated information on Abraham Lincoln Ricketts. Corrected date of birth for Elizabeth Jane Ricketts and Abraham Lincoln Ricketts from November 18, 1861, to October 18, 1861 per Bible records of Ethel Belle Fox.

28 Mar 2015 Added PDF files for Abraham Lincoln Ricketts and Frederick Buy encounter with Abraham Lincoln in Danville, IL. Changed links to some of my books on Home Page.

25 Feb 2015 Upgraded to RapidWeaver 6.0.7

31 Jan 2015 Upgraded to RapidWeaver 6.0.6.

31 Jan 2015 Added relationship of Curtis Lynn Older to Captain Joseph Ogle.

03 Oct 2014 Reworked and replaced text file and PDF file for Christopher Hussey and files for Stephen Hussey.

28 Sep 2014 - Replaced Robert Ricketts Senior PDF file, added additional content. Replaced John Rickets PDF file, added additional content. Reworked John Ricketts text file.

25 Sep 2014 - Replaced Robert Ricketts Senior file with all new text.

15 Aug 2014 - Replaced file 196. John Kerr Senior and attached the new PDF file as well.

13 Aug 2014 - Added Docum Samuel Kerr PDF file and made downloadable from Samuel Kerr page. Made .jpeg image
of Samuel Kerr will smaller.

13 Aug 2014 - Uploaded improved version of 98. Documentation for Samuel Kerr. PDF removed. Need to replace
PDF file for Samuel Kerr.

10 Jul 2014 - Remove PDF downloadable file Land Tracts of the Battlefield of South Mountain - Long Version

16 Feb 2014 - Added changes for William Worth text and pdf download files.

21 Nov 2013 - Added John Ogle to list of Famous Relatives

22 Oct 2013 - Added 1915 typewritten copy of John Worth letter by Historian General California Mayflower
Society and two pages of his analysis of 1914 Marshall Benton Rigsbee Affidavit clarifying marriage of
John Rigsbee and Lydia Worth and the marriage of Jehu Rigsbee and Rachael Worth. John Worth letter
indicates all of his brothers and sisters, including Lydia and Rachael, left heirs or descendants, excepting
Lucinda (or Lewcida).

07 July 2013 - Added Jabez Gorham, founder of Gorham Silver Company, as a fourth cousin, four generations removed.

22 June 2013 - New Documented Ahnentafel Report for Curtis Lynn Older

26 May 2013 - Added Adobe Acrobat File on Reverend Daniel Worth.

25 May 2013 - Reviewed and updated Meta Tags for additional keywords.

24 May 2013 - Added images of letter from Reverend Daniel Worth to Abraham Lincoln, September 12, 1862. Added Gen. Eisenhower failure message image.

23 May 2013 - Added information on Robert Burton Older, uncle of Curtis Lynn Older and a brother of Truxton James Older. Added a picture of the Prichard (Pritchett) Gouty tombstone at Old Baptist Cemetery in western Indiana near Interstate 74. Added a couple of other Gouty tombstone images from that cemetery. Added images of the John Gouty tombstone and that of his wife at Manns Chapel north of Danville, Illinois.

26 April 2013- Update files back to John Howland of the Mayflower for Original Source Documents, upload updated Documented Ahnentafel file.

23 Apr 2013 - Update files back to Tristram Coffin and Peter Folger for Original Source Documents section.

22 Apr 2013 - Uploaded redone files for Starbuck, Folger, Coffin to include Original Source Documents section.

21 Apr 2013 - Uploaded Fox ancestor files which were redone in order to include a section of Original Source Documents that support a relationship between two individuals in each file. This was also done for a number of other ancestor files. Included button for a Documented Ahnentafel file which includes a list of Original Source Documents for each ancestor.

14 Apr 2013 - Changed the RapidWeaver application Theme to Sharp to enhance website.

13 Apr 2013 - Changed name listing on Sidebar to list last name first, then first name, and then middle name. Positioned image files after related individual text file in Sidebar.

12 Apr 2013 - Began changing font to Lucida Grande for all webpages to make more legible. Completed changes for Lucida Grande font on 13 Apr 2013 and uploaded all pages to website.

26 Jan 2013 - Removed CLO birth certificate from CLO images.

13 Dec 2011 - Added images for Jane Eliza Baird, George Older Senior, Samuel Clarence Older, James Grant Older, Anna Rosabelle Older, George Older Junior family, Emily Older Arrington, and related genealogy

12 Dec 2011 - Changed e-mail address from curt older@earthlink.net to curtisolder@me.com.

19 Mar 2011 - Upload compressed Adobe Acrobat X files, i.e., Version 10 of Adobe Acrobat.

01 Mar 2011- Converted website to RapidWeaver Version 5.0. Minor changes to Joseph Kerr Junior page.

19 Jan 2011 - Added images of Samuel Clarence Older; Jane Eliza Baird, younger image of James Grant Older, Anna Rosabelle Older Butner; download ability for News from Fox's Gap and Fox Society; download ability for The Land Tracts of the Battlefield of South Mountain - Long Version.

29 Dec 2010 - Added material in Adobe Acrobat download files for William Worth, John Worth son of William Worth, and Joseph Worth Senior.

23 Dec 2010 - Added text page for Rev. Stephen Bachiler (Batchelder) with three links to download Adobe Acrobat files related to him.

21 Dec 2010 - Added link on John Howland text page to download Adobe Acrobat file for Boston Plymouth Nantucket Trip May 2010 by Curtis L. and Linda S. Older.

20 Dec 2010 - Added links for Coffin, Drysdale, Folger, Frye, Gardner, Gayer, Godfrey, Gorham, Harmison, Hopcot, Howland, Hurst, Hussey, Macy, Morrill, Perkins, Shattuck, Starbuck, Stevens, and Tilley text pages right after the heading sections to enable users to download Adobe Acrobat files containing all the information and images I have related to an individual or topic. Standardized all dates in headings on text pages.

19 Dec 2010 - Added links to Booker, Barnard, Hilligass, Link, Ogle, Ricketts, and Weikel (Yeakel) text pages right after the heading sections to enable users to download Adobe Acrobat files containing all the information and images I have related to an individual or topic.

18 Dec 2010 - Added links to Baird, Gilbert, Koch, Hartman, Kerr, Lorenz, Nicholas, Pritchett, Shute, and Stuebe text pages right after the heading sections to enable users to download Adobe Acrobat files containing all the information and images I have related to an individual or topic.

17 Dec 2010 - Added links to Fox, Worth, Older, and Gouty text pages right after the heading sections to enable users to download Adobe Acrobat files containing all the information and images I have related to an individual or topic.

15 Dec 2010 - Added “Log of Updates or Changes” to keep track of dates and descriptions of changes to the website. Location - Log of Updates or Changes

15 Dec 2010 - Added James Baird. Father of Jane Eliza Baird. Based on new information from Sara Hamer Chumney. Previous information I had on James Baird was mostly unsubstantiated and was not included on website. Location - James Baird

09 Dec 2010 - Added 3 images - 3 page letter from Polley to Ashe dated 1982 discussing children of Jehu Rigsbee and Rachel Worth. Location - Rigsbee images

09 Dec 2010 - Added 12 images - article from National Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol 78 Num 4 Dec 1990 by John L. German - Family-History Writing-Contest Winner “David German (1796-1867) and Family of Shelby County, Indiana”. The wife of David German was Elizabeth Worth, sister of John Worth, and a daughter of Charles Worth. Location - John L. German images

09 Dec 2010 - Added 4 pages from John Howland by Elizabeth White, changes and additions pages at end of her book related to Worth family. Entries mention John L. German. Location - John L. German images