228. Documentation for John Adam Link I
(13 Oct 1721 to 24 Apr 1805)
father of John Adam Link II
(31 Dec 1756 to 28 Sep 1835)

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John Adam Link I was born October 13, 1721, in Grossgartach, Germany.
Birth record is from St. Lorenz Church. He was in the ship's list and is found in American records.

He was the first child of
John Jacob Link and Anna Magdalena Neuwirth.(2)

John Jacob Link, with Anna Magdalena (Ana Madlena), his wife, and their four children, landed at Philadelphia, August 28, 1733. They came from Grossgartach, Germany, down the Rhine to Rotterdam, where they boarded the English ship, "Hope." Daniel Reid was the ship's master. The "Hope" put out to Cowes, England, before crossing the Atlantic. It is all told in the ship's record of the immigrants in the Pennsylvania archives, and in Rupp's and Strassburger's lists.

John Jacob Link and Anna Magdalena Neuwirth were ancestors of General Dwight D. Eisenhower through their sixth and last child, John Matthias Link.

John Adam bought 55 acres of adjoining land on the north (654, Vol. No. 3, Patent Books, in Harrisburg, Pa.).

John Adam Link I died April 24, 1805, in
Frederick, Maryland. He was buried at the Frederick Lutheran Church of Frederick, Maryland.(6)

John Adam Link I married Maria Elizabeth Miller on January 31, 1748, according to Augustus Lutheran Church records.(C1) The Hill Church record gives the date as "Second Sunday after Epiphany" in 1748.(C2)

Maria Elizabeth Miller was a daughter of John Jacob Miller and Maria Magdalene Gerber.

Maria Elizabeth Miller, a daughter of John Jacob Miller and Maria Magdalene Gerber, and others came from Germany on Johnson's "Galley of London," Commander Davis, September 18, 1732.
(UU) Elizabeth was born May 17, 1728.(YY)

John Adam Link I was a member of ?? Lutheran Church in ??.

John Adam Link I and Maria Elizabeth Miller were the parents of five children:(22)

John Link,

Maria Madgalene Link, born

Elizabeth Link, born

John George Link, born

John Adam Link, born December 31, 1756, in Oley Hill, Pennsylvania.(X1) He married Jane Ogle.(X2) John Adam Link II and Jane Ogle were the parents of seven children:(X3) John Adam Link II died September 28, 1835, in Shepherdstown, Virginia (now West Virginia).(X4) Jane (Ogle) Link died October 7, 1836, in Shepherdstown, Virginia (now West Virginia).(X5)

Children (Link):
i. John, born November 15, 1748
Maria Madgalena, born January 30, 1750
Elizabeth, born January 7, 1752
John George, born September 21, 1754
John Adam, born December 31, 1756
Catherine, born October 7, 1759


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