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There are two categories or types of listings along the right hand side of each page on this website. These listings allow the reader to: 1) access text pages concerning an individual or topic, or 2) access images about an individual or topic.

Links: Highlighted words on a webpage represent links, which will take the user to additional information about the item. The additional information may be in the form of 1) text page; 2) images; or 3) a file, usually an Adobe Acrobat file, which may be downloaded to the user's desktop.

Right-Hand Column Listing of Webpages: The list of items along the right side of the Home Page contains two sets of items. Each set of items is grouped together. Within each group of items, the items are listed in alphabetical order using the last name of the related individual or, in the case of a topic, usually by the key word contained in the brief topic listing. The two sets of listings are:

1) Text Pages: The first set of web pages listed below the Home Page down to William Worth are text pages. Text pages are listed in alphabetical order using individual last names, or key word if a topic a topic.

2) Image Pages: Images are listed in alphabetical order using an individual's last name, or key word if a topic, and run from James Baird images down to William Worth images. Image webpages may contain one image or many.

Log of Updates or Changes to this Website: This page displays the changes made to the website by date beginning 09 December 2010. A brief description of each change or update is given. Changes are listed by the most recent change date.

Ahnentafel Report: Ahnentafel Numbering - The Ahnentafel (or Sosa-Stradonitz) numbering system assigns the number 1 to the source person. The father of number 1 is number 2. The spouse of 2 is 3. The rule is: to find the father of a person, double the number. To find the mother of a person, double the number and add 1.

Famous Relatives: Calculates the relationship of Curtis Lynn Older to various historical figures to whom a genealogical relationship has been found.

Genealogical Evidence: Defines original material and derivative material and lists Guidelines for Analyzing Evidence related to a specific genealogical relationship.

Family History Library Related Link - This link takes the user to a page at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, site that shows material donated to that library by Curtis L. Older.

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