34. Documentation for James Baird
(15 Feb 1806 to 02 Jul 1868)
father of Jane Eliza Baird
(10 Aug 1835 to May 1911)

James Baird, Third Great-Grandfather of Curtis Lynn Older:

1) James Baird, husband of Eliza Pergrin (Pergrun), parents of Jane Eliza Baird
2) Jane Eliza Baird, wife of Samuel Clarence Older, parents of James Grant Older
3) James Grant Older, husband of Wilhelmina Fredericka Lorenz, parents of Roy Burton Older
4) Roy Burton Older, husband of Ethel Leona Worth, parents of Truxton James Older
5) Truxton James Older, husband of Mavis Lorene Gouty, parents of Curtis Lynn Older

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James Baird was born 15 February 1806 in Zanesville, Ohio.(1) He may have been the son of a Thomas Harlan Baird and Maria Louis King.(2) Thomas Baird died 29 August 1831.(3)

John Baird, a brother of James, married Nancy Black.
(4) John and Nancy (Black) Baird had children named Nancy, Harvey, Erastus, Albert, and Tom.(5) James Baird had three sisters named Henrietta, Elizabeth, and Kate or Catherine.(6) Henrietta and Elizabeth were never married. Kate or Catherine married a man with the last name of King. The couple had 8 children.(7)

James Baird married Eliza Pergrin (Pergrun) 10 April 1828, probably in Chillicothe or Lancaster, Ohio.
(8) Eliza Pergrin (Pergrun) was born 29 May 1801 or 1802 in Virginia.(9)

The James Baird household appears in the 1850 Federal Census for Ohio, Ross County, Bourneville.
(10) According to the census, Eliza was born about 1802 in Virginia and James Baird was born in Ohio about 1805. James Beard is listed as age 45, a butcher, born in Ohio. Eliza Beard is listed as age 48 and born in Virginia. Jane E (Eliza) Beard is listed as age 15 and born in Ohio. Also listed as living in the Beard household in 1850 is Albert Myers, age 5, who was born in Ohio and attended school during the year.

James Baird was originally in the Scotch Highland Orangemen.

James and Eliza Baird were the parents of three children:

1. James Baird, born 31 December 1828.(12)

2. Martha Noble Baird, born 11 September 1832 and died 27 March 1861. She married William McKenzie on 26 Mar 1850.(13) The couple moved to Edinburgh, Illinois, and lived at Grove City, Illinois. They had 3 children:
a. Arthur E. McKenzie born 25 June 1854.
b. Laura E. McKenzie born 23 July 1851.
c. Alice E. McKenzie born 22 October 1858. She married John C. Beck. The Beck couple moved to Table Rock, Nebraska, and were there in 1920 when Anna Rosebelle Older Roby, daughter of Jane Eliza Baird and Samuel Clarence Older visited there. They had two boys and one girl. "Allie", as Anna called her, was probably older than Anna Roby but they corresponded thru the years. Martha McKenzie was injured in an accident when the horse ran away with the buggy she was riding in and she was an invalid the rest of her life.(14)

3. Jane Eliza Baird, born 10 August 1835 and died May 1911.(15) She married Samuel Clarence Older on 14 August 1856 in Ross County, Ohio.(16) Samuel Clarence Older was born 15 January 1837 in Ontario, Canada, the son of George Older and Sarah Gilbert.(17) Jane Eliza and Samuel Older moved to Danville, Illinois.(18) They were the parents of two children: Anna Rosebelle Older and James Grant Older.(19)

James Baird and his wife, Eliza Pergrin, adopted Albert T. Myers.
(20) Albert was born 11 July 1845.(21)

James and Eliza Baird were living with their daughter, Jane Eliza, and her husband, Samuel Clarence Older, in Mechanicsburg, Illinois, at the time of the 1860 Federal census. The 1860 Illinois Federal Census for Sangamon County, Mechanicsburg Post Office, District #16, enumerated August 6th, lists the S. C. Older household.(20) S. C. Older is listed as a male, 23 years old. His place of birth is given as Canada, and his occupation is that of broom maker. Also residing in the household are: J. E. Older, age 24, female, who was born in Ohio; James Baird, 54 years old, male, butcher, born in Ohio; Eliza Baird, 58 years old, female, born in Virginia; Henrietta Drury, age 17, female, born in Ohio; and Albert Baird, age 14, male, born in Ohio. Albert Baird probably was the Albert Myers listed in the 1850 census for this household. The occupation of butcher listed for James Baird in the 1860 census is consistent with the occupation listed him in the 1850 census.

Jane Eliza Baird (Older, Wire) lived in Tabernacle, Tennessee, near Covington, with her daughter Anna Rosebelle Older (Butner, McDonald) Roby and Anna's third husband, Dr. Andrew Jackson Roby, and with a granddaughter, Goldie Butner, from Anna Rosebelle Older's first marriage.

(Baird), born in Illinois:

i. James, born 31 December 1828

ii. Martha Noble, born 11 September 1832; died 27 March 1861

iii. Jane Eliza, born 10 August 1835, died May 1911


1) James Baird, born 15 February 1806, listed in the Baird Bible -- printed prior to 1828 -- that Rosemary McCane (Nellie's daughter) inherited that was originally given to James Baird and Eliza Pergrin on the occasion of their marriage April 10, 1828. 

2) Eliza Pergrin/Pergrun, born 29 May 1801, listed in the Baird Bible -- printed prior to 1828 -- that Rosemary McCane (Nellie's daughter) inherited that was originally given to James Baird and Eliza Pergrin on their marriage 10 April 1828. 

3) Jane Eliza Baird, born 10 August 1835, listed in the Baird Bible -- printed prior to 1828 --that Rosemary McCane (Nellie's daughter) inherited that was originally given to James Baird and Eliza Pergrin on the occasion of their marriage 10 April 1828. 

4) Jane Eliza Baird, age 15, was shown as living with James Baird and Eliza Baird in the 1850 Ohio census for Ross County, Bourneville Township, enumerated 25 September 1850.

5) James Baird married Eliza Pergrin on 10 April 1828, listed in the Baird Bible -- printed prior to 1828 -- that Rosemary McCane (Nellie's daughter) inherited that was originally given to James Baird and Eliza Pergrin on their marriage 10 April 1828. 


1. Baird family information passed down from Anna Rosebelle Older Butner, her daughter Gertrude Butner Culbreath, and her granddaughter Helen Culbreath Hamer. This information is in the possession of Sara H. Chumney, the daughter of Helen Culbreath Hamer. The present address of Sara H. Chumney is mailto:trueteach@att.net.

Sara H. Chumney is the daughter of Helen Culbreath and James E. Hamer. Sara and her husband, Dr. James Chumney, are the parents of 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Helen Culbreath Hamer is the daughter of Eddie Culbreath and Gertrude Butner. She married James E. Hamer. James and Helen Culbreath Hamer were the parents of Sara and James Jr. James was killed in an automobile accident at age 27.

Gertrude Butner Culbreath was a daughter of Anna Rosebelle Older and John H. Butner. Gertrude married Eddie Culbreath. Eddie and Gertrude Culbreath were the parents of Helen, Nellie, and Floyd Culbreath.

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The following information is according to the Baird Bible-- printed prior to 1828 --that my cousin Rosemary McCane (Nellie's daughter)
inherited that was originally given to James Baird and Eliza Pergrin on the occasion of their marriage April 10, 1828. 
 (It is not known where the ceremony took place either in Pennsylvania or Ohio)
James Baird was of the Highland Scotch according to his daughter Jane Eliza Baird Older
 who told that to her daughter, Anna Rosebelle Older. 

It has the following information written in it.

James Baird  b. Feb. 15, 1806
Eliza Baird b. May 29, 1801
James Baird  b. Dec. 31, 1828
Martha Noble Baird  b. Sept. 11, 1832
Jane Eliza Baird  b. Aug. 10, 1835
Albert Baird  b. July 11, 1845 (Adopted)

Sam C. Older b. Jan 15, 1831 (Reading, England)
Infant son, John & Rosebelle Butner  b. March 28, 1884
Gertrude Butner  b. Sept. 30, 1885
Goldie Butner  b. May 20, 1889
Infant son McDonald  b. May 31, 1899

James Baird married Eliza Pergrin  4/10/1828
Martha Baird married William McKenzie  March 26, 1850
Jane Eliza Baird married Samuel C. Older  Aug. 14, 1856
Rosebelle Older married John Haley Butner  Feb. 27, 1883
James G. Older married Minnie G. Lawrence  May 21, 1885
John McDonald married Anna Rosebelle Older Butner  March 4, 1896

Births Continued:
William McKenzie b. July 21, 1826
Laura E. McKenzie  b. July 23, 1851
Arthur McKenzie  b. June 25, 1854
Infant son Sam C. and Eliza Older  b. June 29, 1860
Anna Rosebelle Older  b. July 26, 1862
Alice E. McKenzie  b. Oct. 22, 1858
James Grant Older  b. Mrach 14, 1864
Elmerene Older b. Dec. 12, 1866

Curtis:  I may have given you this information previously but today I happened to read it
again.  If you need proof of Samuel Clarence Older being born in England in 1831 as listed
in this Bible I could probably go to Covington to visit my cousin and photograph the entry for you. 
 In my mother's papers I found a note that said it was not true that Samuel Older was born in Canada. 
My mother wrote that George Older and his wife Sara Gilbert Older first settled near Montreal.  A baby was
born there but must have died as there is no record of it living and that George had Samuel Clarence, Emily
and George H. all born in England.  Aunt Emily told Grandmother (Anna Roby) about the
family when she visited her out west in 1920 after her divorce from  Dr. Roby. 

I believe I gave you some info from a note I found earlier that was written in pencil in Goldie's papers that said Samuel
was born in Canada but I don't know who wrote that pencil note in later years to Goldie.  I do know someone in
the family from Oregon wrote her in the 1970s asking about any family data she had and I have a letter or two but
I don't know what Goldie sent them.
The bible record and the information Anna Rosebelle told my mother Helen would be the
most accurate about Samuel Clarence Older being born in England. 

Incidentally, I am trying to organize my data for Anna Rosebelle and her children and write up some profiles.  When
I get all of it done I will share it with you.  It has been hard finding the dates of all the marriages and places and
when they got divorces, etc.  Along with this I have been working on Gertrude's account of her winning the lottery
with a friend in Terre Haute back in 1902.  I have some good photos that are being restored and have a cassette where
my Grandmother Gertrude tells about the experience and what she did with the money.  Her share of the winnings was
$500 back then and she used most of the money to help her Mother when she was between nursing jobs and buy a piano
 for sister Goldie.  The final amount of the winnings was used for Gertie to come to Tennessee in 1904 to see her mother
who had married Dr. Roby and see her Grandmother Eliza Older and Goldie.  Even though she was engaged to a guy in
Indiana she ended up breaking the engagement and stayed in Covington!  It is an interesting story.  I will send you a copy when
I finish putting it all together.  Also there is an interesting story about Anna Rosebelle nursing a man who turned out to be
John D. Rockfeller's father!  He went by the name Dr. Levingston and was a patent medicine type of doctor and a bigamist.

I have looked over your material sent to me in January and it really looks professional and will be appreciated by many as time
moves on.  You have documented it all so well and it is easy to follow the people through it all.  I know it has been a lot of
dedicated work and tremendous amount of time but I believe such work and dedication is most worthwhile.  If it wasn't for
people like you no one would ever know where they came from.  In today's world I believe it is very important to know the
truth and facts and not fall for all the crazy thinking  that is trying to change our history.  I hope to finish my project with
the information and pictures that were passed on to me by my mother before I am too old.  It is a chore though.

Did you find the David Wire/Wier info in the census living in the Veteran's home and it was after Jane Eliza had
lived with her son and come to Tennessee.  That census appeared to me to be the same man that she married.
It looks like some of the women use to call themselves "widows" even though the guy was still living.  I understand
that in some states it was hard to get a divorce and for example in MS it took a bill in the legislature to get a divorce.
Possibly they used the term "widow" even though they were still legally married. ????  I haven't found anything much on
people's divorce records on ancestry.com. 

Must sign off for now.  Hope this information is helpful.  Please let me know if you want a photo copy of the bible entries.
They are faint but I believe my cousin Jane--who is a very good photographer--can make them readable. 


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