323. Documentation for Pricilla Puella Hussey
(10th 10 mo. 1677 to Bef 23 Sep 1748)
mother of Lydia Gorham
(14 May 1701 to 01 Mar 1763)

Pricilla Puella Hussey, Sixth Great-Grandmother of Curtis Lynn Older:

1) Pricilla Puella Hussey, wife of Shubael Gorham, parents of Lydia Gorham
2) Lydia Gorham, wife of Joseph Worth Senior, parents of Joseph Worth Junior
3) Joseph Worth Junior, husband of Judith Starbuck, parents of Charles Worth
4) Charles Worth, husband of Elizabeth Frye, parents of John Worth
5) John Worth, husband of Julia Ann Drysdale, parents of Chesterfield Worth
6) Chesterfield Worth, husband of Lucy Jane Harmison, parents of Ethel Leona Worth
7) Ethel Leona Worth, wife of Roy Burton Older, parents of Truxton James Older
8) Truxton James Older, husband of Mavis Lorene Gouty, parents of Curtis Lynn Older

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(The following was taken from
John Howland of the Mayflower Volume I The First Five Generations Documented Descendants through his first child Desire Howland and her husband Captain John Gorham by Elizabeth Pearson White.)

Shubael Gorham was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts, 21 October 1667, the son of John and Desire (Howland) Gorham.(1) He died in Barnstable, Massachusetts, in 1750, in his 83rd year.(2)

Shubael Gorham married on the Island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, in May 1695 Puella Hussey of Nantucket.
(3) Puella Hussey was born on Nantucket 10th 10 mo. 1677.(4) Puella Hussey was the daughter of Stephen and Martha (Bunker) Hussey. Puella died in Barnstable before 23 September 1748.(5)

In the settlement of his father's estate, dated 7 March 1676/7, Shubael was given £50 to be used to educate him for a learned profession, in addition to his own share, but instead he became a house-carpenter.
(6) Shubael was a minor when his father died and, on 5 March 1683/4, he chose his older brother, James Gorham, as his guardian.(7)

Col. John Gorham's "Wast Book" states that, when Shubael and his family and friends sailed to Nantucket for his marriage to Puella Hussey, the members of the wedding party were taken prisoner by a French shallop from Port Royal and were stripped of their valuables.

After his marriage, Shubael moved to South Sea in Barnstable County and built a tavern near Hyannis Port.
(9) On 7 February 1689/90 Shubael Gorham sold one hundred acres of land at Papasquash Neck in Bristol County to Nathaniel Byfield of Bristol. This was land, which he had inherited from his father, Capt. John Gorham, who had received it for his services in King Philip's War.(10)

On 30 October 1722, Shubael Gorham of Barnstable, yeoman, and Puella, his wife, deeded to their eldest son, George Gorham, half of their farm of 50 acres, with half of the buildings, orchards and other property.

In 1745 their younger son, Daniel Gorham, died of smallpox in London, England, unmarried, leaving a will dated Barnstable, 24 January 1740, which was proved there in January 1746. In it Daniel named his brother, George, and his seven sisters, Abigail,
Lydia, Hannah, Theodate, Desire, Ruth and Deborah. Daniel's inventory, which amounted to £2960-15-1, included four rights to land in Gorhamtown, Maine.(12)

On 8 July 1749 Shubael Gorham's son-in-law, James Lovell, Jr., of Barnstable, gentleman, the husband of his daughter, Abigail, was appointed as Shubael's guardian after Shubael had been adjudged non compos mentis by the Inquisition of Selectmen. James Lovell was to care for Shubael's person as well as his estate, real and personal.

Shubael Gorham, in his will dated 23 September 1748, proved 7 August 1750, gave all of his real estate to his only surviving son, George Gorham of Stamford, Conn. His personal estate was divided equally among his seven beloved daughters, the same as those named in son Daniel's will quoted above. His wife, Puella, was not mentioned and had probably died earlier. Deacon John Hinkley of Barnstable was named executor. Witnesses were Samuel Annable, Thomas Annable and Mary Bourn. Shubael's real estate was appraised at £266-13-4 and his personal estate as £99-10-8.

Children (
Gorham), first eight recorded in Barnstable, Massachusetts, ninth child included in father's will, tenth child listed in Col. John Gorham's "Wast Book"(15):

i. George, born 29 January 1696/7.

ii. Abigail, born latter end of March 1699.

iii. Lydia, born 14 May 1701.

iv. Hannah, born 28 July 1703.

v. Theodate, born 18 July 1705.

vi. Daniel, born 24 September 1708, died in London, England, before January 1746, the month his will was probated in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

vii. Desire, born 26 September 1710.

viii. Ruth, born 7 May 1713.

ix. Deborah, born after 1714.

x. Jonathan, died young.


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