1309. Documentation for Dionis Stevens
(04 Mar 1604/5 to 02 Oct 1681)
mother of Mary Coffin
(20 Feb 1644/5 to 13 Nov 1717)

Dionis Stevens, Eighth Great Grandmother of Curtis Lynn Older:

1) Dionis Stevens, wife of Tristram Coffin, parents of Stephen Coffin
2) Stephen Coffin, husband of Mary Bunker, parents of Judith Coffin
3) Judith Coffin, wife of Peter Folger II, parents of Anna Folger
4) Anna Folger, wife of William Starbuck, parents of Judith Starbuck
5) Judith Starbuck, wife of Joseph Worth Junior, parents of Charles Worth
6) Charles Worth, husband of Elizabeth Frye, parents of John Worth
7) John Worth, husband of Julia Ann Drysdale, parents of Chesterfield Worth
8) Chesterfield Worth, husband of Lucy Jane Harmison, parents of Ethel Leona Worth
9) Ethel Leona Worth, wife of Roy Burton Older, parents of Truxton James Older
10) Truxton James Older, husband of Mavis Lorene Gouty, parents of Curtis Lynn Older

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Tristram Coffin(69)(70)(71) born March 11, 1604/05 in Brixton, Devonshire England; died October 2, 1681 in Nantucket, MA or Brixton, England. He was the son of Peter Coffin and Joanna Thember. He married 19. Dionis Stevens 1630 in Devonshire England.

Dionis Stevens(72) born March 04, 1609/10 in Brixton, Devonshire, England; died Bet. 1681 - November 6 1684 in Nantucket, MA. She was the daughter of Robert Stevens.

Children of Tristram Coffin and Dionis Stevens are:

Peter Coffin(73)(74) born July 18, 1631; died Abt. March 21, 1714/15; married Abigail Starbuck Bef. 1657; born Abt. 1634.

Tristram Coffin, Jr.(75)(76) born 1632 in England; died February 3, 1702/03; married Judith Greenleaf March 02, 1652/53 in \ (11 children); born September 2, 1625; died December 15, 1705 in \ (177 children and grandchildren at time of death).

Elizabeth Coffin(77)(78) born Abt. 1631 in Brixton, England; died November 19, 1678; married Stephen Greenleaf November 13, 1651 in Newbury; born Abt. 1628 in England; died October 31, 1690 in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia \ (drowned).

James Coffin(79)(80)(81) born August 12, 1640 in Devonshire, England \ Brixton; died July 28, 1720 in Nantucket, MA; married Mary Severance December 3, 1663 in Salisbury, Essex, MA \ (prob.); born August 05, 1645 in Salisbury, MA\ (now Andover); died July 28, 1720 in Nantucket, MA.

Mary Coffin born February 20, 1644/45 in Haverhill, MA; died November 13, 1717 in Nantucket, MA; married Nathaniel Starbuck, Sr. 1662 in Nantucket, MA.

John Coffin(82)(83)(84)(85) born October 30, 1647 in Haverhill, MA; died September 5, 1711 in Edgartown, MA; married Deborah Austin February 1667/68 in Essex Co., MA \ (prob.); born 1651 in Edgartown, Dukes, MA; died Bet. February 4, 1717/18 - April 04, 1718 in Nantucket, MA.

vii. Stephen Coffin born July 11, 1652 in Newbury, Essex, MA, USA; died November 14, 1734 in Nantucket, MA; married Mary Bunker October 8, 1668 in Nantucket Island, MA.

Deborah Coffin(86) died in \ (died in infancy).


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