197. Documentation for Mary Dougherty
(about 1747 to after 13 Dec 1809 and before 24 Nov 1815)
mother of Samuel Kerr
(1778 to before 08 October 1823)

Mary Dougherty, Fifth Great-Grandmother of Curtis Lynn Older:

1) Mary Dougherty, wife of John Kerr / Carr, parents of Samuel Kerr / Carr Senior
2) Samuel Kerr / Carr Senior, husband of Nancy Guin (or Gwyn), parents of Nancy Kerr / Carr
3) Nancy Kerr / Carr, wife of Thomas Gouty, parents of Elias B. Gouty
4) Elias B. Gouty, husband of Elizabeth Shute, parents of Joseph P Gouty
5) Joseph P Gouty, husband of Mary Luella Hartman, parents of Robert William Gouty
6) Robert William Gouty, husband of Ethel Belle Fox, parents of Mavis Lorene Gouty
7) Mavis Lorene Gouty, wife of Truxton James Older, parents of Curtis Lynn Older

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Mary Dougherty was the daughter of John Dougherty and Lilly Blair.(1) Mary Daugherty married John Kerr on September 16, 1765, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Mary Daugherty was born in 1747 in Peters Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and died in 1819 in Franklin County, Ohio. Mary Dougherty Kerr, was a daughter of John and Lilly Dougherty of Peter's Township, Cumberland County, now Franklin, County, Pennsylvania.

"John and Mary settled near Conococheague Creek in Cumberland Co., in a part which in 1784 became Franklin Co., PA, building a fine stone mansion still standing in about 1980. He laid out part of borough long known as Kerrstown. He lived, worked and died on the farm for 60 years."

The children of John Kerr and Mary Daugherty were:

Joseph Kerr, born 1765 in Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and died August 22, 1837, in Lake Providence, Louisiana. He married Nancy Daugherty. She died July 10, 1833, in Louisiana. Their son, Joseph Kerr, died March 6, 1836, at the Alamo. Another son, Nathaniel Massie Kerr, died suddenly in Texas a couple of weeks before the Alamo.

Jean Kerr was born in 1767. Jean Kerr McKinley was the elder daughter of patriot Lt. John Kerr (founded Kerrstown, now part of Chambersburg / was in the 8th. Pa. Batt.) and Mary Dougherty Kerr, daughter of John and Lilly Dougherty of Peter's Twp. (now Franklin, Co., Pa.). Possibly married a William McKinley.

John M. Kerr was born October 15, 1772, in Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. He died October 2, 1858, in Green Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Note: He was the first Kerr of this line to settle in Gallia Co. (History of Gallia, Co.,OH) John left his father's farm in the fall of 1792 with the intent of joining his oldest brother in southwestern OH. On the way, while stopping for supplied in Gallipolis where he met Pierre Romaine Bureau who sold him on the virtues of the area and caused him to settle in Gallia County.

Lived in Gallia, OH. Saved his money and purchased 640 acres in Green Twp. Assisted in formation of Gallia County Academy, was a Colonel in Ohio State Militia in War of 1812., county magistrate, prosecuting attorney and associate judge 10 years, member of Gallia County Commissioners for several terms between 1816 and 1853. During the 6-8 years he served as Sheriff of Gallia, Co., he became well known both for his abilities and his peculiarities. He always used a sheepskin for a saddle blanket and a rope for a halter. Once, when dealing with an unruly Buck Ridge inhabitant who was resisting arrest, he subdued him by hitting him in the head with a spade. Thereafter, he was referred to "Spadehead Kerr", as a possible warning to would-be troublemakers. He was also known as "Fighting Jack Kerr".

He died at his home called "Mt. Hope Farm" in Green Twp. His farm was secured in 1800 near the junction of the present Rodney and Buck Ridge roads in Green TWP,Gallia,OH. His first house was a log cabin, built in 1804 and still standing in 1989, when it was torn down. Only one of the three Kerr homes in this area remains and is still occupied. It is located on the west side of Route 160 just south of the Kerr post office.

On tax list in 1806 for land in Green TWP, at R15 T5 S12 (See Gallia County OH Residents by Dennis R. JOnes)

On tax list in 1808 for land in Green TWP at R15 T 5 S12 (RD11)

On 1810 & 1811 lists, same property RD11

NOTE: From a list of inscriptions dated 1961 for stones/markers of burials in Mt. Zion Cem. there was information on a Christina Kerr who died July 10, 1833, age 24...part of this family??

Facts about this person:
Fact 1 Mt. Zion Cem, Green Twp, Gallia, OH
Source: Cemeteries of Green Twp,Gallia,OH Author: Gallia Historical Society

Sarah Kerr was born in 1775 in Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Married a DeCamp. Lived 16 miles above Wheeling, WV. No hint so far as to spouse or whether she married. A faint possiblity is: A Sarah Kerr married a Samuel Wilson in Pickaway CO,OH on 15 Nov 1817. The "John Kerr Family" suggests her husband might have been Jacob DeCamp - the 1810 Cencus of Brooke Co., VA listed as 26/45 with female 26/45, and 1 male and 1 female under 10. In the 1840 cencus VA Brooke Wellsburg he is Jacob Decamp 60/70 with female 60/70 and 2 males 20/30. The 1850 census of VA (now WV) Brooke Co. Wellsburg, lists Sarah Decamp 79 b.PA, with Mary A. Buck 42 VA and John D. Buck 8 VA. (See "John Kerr Family").

James Kerr was born January 31, 1777, in Chambersburg, Franklin, PA;

Samuel Kerr was born in 1778 and died before October 8, 1823, in Kerrstown, PA. He and wife Nancy moved to Ohio with his brothers John and Joseph. Samuel and Nancy settled on the Big Darby about 1818. (Their arrival date in the area may have been earlier as a Samuel Kerr was the Justice of the Peace in Franklin, OH in 1807 (See History of Franklin CO, OH by William T. Martin) The Martin work also has a Samuel Kerr as an early settler in Georgesville on Darby and builder of the first frame house which was later owned by Elijah Chenoweth Jr. Samuel Kerr also built the first grist mill in 1805. He was also justice of the Peace in 1807. In the summer of 1811, one Thomas Miller taught a term of school in the little log cabin standing on the farm owned by Samuel Kerr. This was a small school, and was composed of the children of the Chenowith, Kerr and Foster Families. This is believed to have been the first school in this portion of the township. School was taught in this cabin for several years. While he was a thriving farmer, he also became Brother Joseph's agent, sending corn-fed hogs, fine cattle, wheat and corn to Chillicothe. He and wife died on the Big Darby, 10 miles west of Columbus,OH.


1) Will of Mary Kerr, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Will Book C, #1583, page 420, dated 13 December 1809 and probated 23 November 1815.

2) Will of John Kerr, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Will Book B, page 331, probated 21 October 1807.

3) Sons of the American Revolution application by Curtis Lynn Older in July 2015 for a supplemental membership under Lt John Kerr.


(1) Will of John Dougherty, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Wills, Book C, No. 39, pages 63 through 66.

(2) Will of John Kerr Sr., probated 21 Oct 1807 in Franklin Co, PA - (Franklin Co. Will Bk "B", p.331, #918) bequeathed the following: Son Joseph: 400 pounds. Daughter Sarah: 400 pounds; Daughter Jean: 400 pounds; Son James: 1 Spanish minted dollar; Son John: 400 pounds; Son Samuel: Interest only from 400 pounds; Daughter Mary: 500 pounds for rest of her life.

(3) Will of Mary Kerr, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Will Book C, #1583, page 420, dated 13 December 1809 and probated 02 April 1819.


WILL of Mary Dougherty Kerr

Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Will Book C, Page 420, #1583

(page 1) (page 420)
This is the last will and testament of Mary Kerr, widow of John Kerr late of Guilford Township and County of Franklin ?farmer? deceased.

In the first place I will and devise that all such debts as I shall justly owe at the time of my decease as well as all my funeral charges and the expenses thereof shall as soon as possible be paid by my executors herein after named. And whereas
my deceased husband John Kerr by his last will and testament devise the whole of his real and personal estate to me during my natural life and did authorize and empower me to sell and dispose thereof either in the whole or in part as I should think fit, and did also devise, certain legacies to all his children to be paid out of the same when sold, and the residue of his said real and personal estate to be at my disposal, and whereas I have already sold several parts or pieces of land left me by the will of my said husband and have it in contemplation to sell a certain other piece of said land, to wit one field adjoining Samuel Purviance and my other lands and one other field adjoining the above mentioned field and Jacob Keyser? I do hereby will and devise that my executors or the survivor of them shall as soon as conveniently can ?be ? and? Sell and dispose of the said two fields as above described.

Item, I will and devise that the monies arising from the sale of the several pieces above mentioned which have been sold as well as that directed to be sold shall be equally divided among my children (except
my son James Kerr) share and share alike, and which said share is to be in full of the sums left to them by their father’s will as well as by this my last will and testament.

Item. I will and devise to
my son James Kerr his heirs and assigns forever all the rest residual and remainder of the tract of land situate in Guilford Township not sold or directed to be sold with the (page 2) (page 421) mansion house & improvements thereon, and whereas I am alone authorized by the will of my said husband deceased to sell and dispose of his real estate and no power is given to his other executor either conjointly with me during my life, or after my decease to sell any part of the same and doubts may be entertained in what manner the sales may be best effected, I do hereby will and devise that my executors shall full power to complete the sales already made or which are herein directed to be made and in can? Any of my said children shall at any time hereafter or those claiming under them shall endeavor to avoid and destroy the ?sale? made by me or those directed by this will, so shall claim a greater purport or dividend than is hereby allowed them, then all bequests or devises made to them under this will shall cease & determine.

Item. I will and devise to
my grandson John Kerr Patterson the sum of fifty pounds and further I will and devise to my said grandson his heirs and assigns a lot of ground in St. John’s Town.

Item. I will and devise to
my granddaughter Mary Kerr, daughter of Samuel Kerr, the sum of twenty pounds.

Item. I will and devise to
my daughter Mary Patterson my tea spoons sugar tongs and china ware.

Item. I will and devise that all my table cloths, sheets, pillow cases and other linens shall be equally divided among my daughters – and further it is my will that my beds and bedding be appraised and that my daughters should take the same at the appraisement allowing them to make choice according to seniority of age if they do not otherwise agree.

Item. I will and devise that all the rest and residue of my property of which kind or quality so ever I may have or be possessed of shall be equally divided among my children share and share alike.

Item. I will and devise that whatever bonds or notes have been given by any of my children to my deceased husband as well as all such bonds or notes as have been given to ? since his decease also all monies paid to them since the decease of my said husband are to be fully accounted for by them and to be considered in part payment – except that all bonds or notes which I may have taken of
my son James Kerr shall bear no interest upon them.

Item. I will and devise that my negro man named Andrew or Andy shall be free in one year after my decease, and during which year he shall remain with
my son James Kerr.

Lastly. I do nominate and appoint my trusty and well beloved friends Hugh Brotherton and Samuel Calhoun of Chambersburg executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In writings whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the thirtieth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine.
Sealed and delivered in presence of George Ross, Svin? Longn?

Franklin County. On the twenty fourth day of November A.D. 1815, before me Register etc. in and for said county personally appeared Frederick Bryer? One of the subscribing witnesses to the forgoing instrument of writing who on his solumn affirmation declare and saith that he was present and saw Mary Kerr now decd. Write her name unto & heard her publish the same as and for her last will and testament, that at the time of doing thereof she the said decd. Was of a sound and disposing mind memory and understanding according to the best of his knowledge and belief that the name of affirmant thereto subscribed as a witness is of his own proper hand writing done at the same time, and that he also saw George Ross write his name thereto as a witness at the same time.
Swindwich? Longner?

Affirmed & subscribed before P. S. ?echertz?

Franklin County on the second day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen before
(page 3) (page 422) me Register FCo? personally appeared George Ross, one of the subscribing witnesses to the within instrument of writing who being duly sworn deposed & said that he was present & say Mary Kerr (now decd.) write her name unto & heard her publish the same as and for her last will & testament that at the time of doing thereof she the said deceased was of a sound & disposing mind memory and understanding according to the best of deponents knowledge & belief that his name thereto subscribed as a witness is of the proper hand writing of the deponent done at the same time.

Sworn & subscribed by me, P. S. Dechert George Ross

A true copy taken from the original.