160. Documentation for Joseph Worth Senior
(1696 to 14 July 1790)
father of Joseph Worth Junior
(29th 9 mo. 1729 to About 1816)

Joseph Worth Senior, Fifth Great-Grandfather of Curtis Lynn Older:

1) Joseph Worth Senior, husband of Lydia Gotham, parents of Joseph Worth Junior
2) Joseph Worth Junior, husband of Judith Starbuck, parents of Charles Worth
3) Charles Worth, husband of Elizabeth Frye, parents of John Worth
4) John Worth, husband of Julia Ann Drysdale, parents of Chesterfield Worth
5) Chesterfield Worth, husband of Lucy Jane Harmison, parents of Ethel Leona Worth
5) Ethel Leona Worth, wife of Roy Burton Older, parents of Truxton James Older
6) Truxton James Older, husband of Mavis Lorene Gouty, parents of Curtis Lynn Older

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Joseph Worth Senior was born in 1696, the son of John and Miriam (Gardner) Worth.
(1) Miriam Gardner was the first wife of John Worth.(2) Joseph Worth married on Nantucket 8 September 1720 Lydia Gorham.(3) Lydia Gorham was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts, 14 May 1701. She was the daughter of Shubael and Puella (Hussey) Gorham.(4)

Joseph Worth died on Nantucket 14 July 1790 (14th 7 mo. 1790), at 94 years of age.
(5) Lydia Gorham Worth died on the Island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1 March 1763 (1st 3 mo. 1763).(6)

A record for Joseph Worth of Sherborn records the sale of his dwelling house in Sherborn, including the land on which the house stood, to his son Silvanus Worth, weaver, for 60 pounds.
(7) Joseph and Lydia Worth apparently left no wills.

See The National Genealogical Society Quarterly (December 1988) 76:169-88, for an article by Elizabeth Pearson White and Edwin W. Coles for a description of this family.

(Worth), born in Sherborn, Nantucket, Mass.(8):

i. Abigail, born 23d 5 mo. 1721 (twin).

ii. Anna, born 23d 5 mo. 1721 (twin).

iii. Nathaniel, born 4th 7mo. 1723.

iv. Reuben, born 14th 7 mo. 1725.

v. Silvanus, born 27th 6 mo. 1727.

vi. Joseph, born 29th 9 mo. 1729.

vii. Lydia, born 12th 12 mo. 1731.

viii. Miriam, born 22d 4 mo. 1734.

ix. Thomas, born 1st 11 mo. 1736.

x. Daniel, born 10th 12 mo. 1739.

xi. William, born 4th 1 mo. 1741.

xii. Shubael, born 6th 5 mo. 1745.


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John Howland of the Mayflower, Volume 1, The First Five Generations Documented Descendants Through his first child Desire Howland and her husband Captain John Gorham, page 591 through 593, pages 721 and 722, and pages 729 and 730 for an extensive listing of original source documents to substantiate Joseph Worth Sr. as the father of Joseph Worth Jr.

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